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PROFESSIONALSTROY construction and development company – the best new housing developments in Crimea

If we are going to buy realty in a new housing development – be it a prestigious apartment in the center of the city or a resort estate on the Black Sea coast – the main things we consider are:
  • reliability. We care about who built this house and how they built it. It is important for how long we can live in this place without thinking about any possible problems;
  • environmental friendliness. We want to be sure about the quality of the construction materials used for the building of our house and for the decoration of the apartment;
  • comfort. We want to live in a spacious and comfortable apartment. We want enough sunlight in each room – because it provides for our health and our working abilities;
  • profitability of long-term investments. Because an apartment in Crimea is not only a place to live, but also a profitable investment in realty. Moreover, buying realty without brokers directly from the construction and development company, suggests a better price for a square meter guaranteed.

We offer you to buy an apartment by the sea in Crimea

Lazurnyi Elit Resort Complex in Malyi Mayak settlement 7-storeyed building complex in Yalta on the Volodarskiy st. Top of success: a 14-storeyed house in Yalta Tower residential house on the Griboyedov st. in Yalta

Why buy an apartment in Crimea from the PROFESSIONALSTROY Construction and Development company?

Back in the 1st century BC the Ancient Roman architect Virtuvius stated three crucial rules of estate buildings. According to these rules the building should be:
  • Solid,
  • Useful,
  • Beautiful.
"What functions well – looks well, too", as said by the German architect B. Taug in early 20th century. We obey to these simple rules up until today… 

PROFESSIONALSTROY  Construction and Development Company has been working in the Crimean real estate market since September 4th, 2000, having over 10 years of experience in this field. All buildings we have constructed and developed in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta are completely comfortable and reliable.
The best proof of our competence is the quality certificate # 0016 EMRC we have received in 2003 for the achievement of high quality projecting and construction.

Unfortunately, full English version is currently unavailable. Still, we will be glad to inform you about all the current real estate offers from our company around Crimea in English, if you e-mail us at: