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Top of success: a 14-storeyed house in Yalta

Top of success: a 14-storeyed house in Yalta

"Вершина успеха": 14-этажный дом в Ялте For more details, please call us on: +380(652)515 778, +380(50)324 79 79 or email us on: sale@sk-prof.com.ua

A 14-storeyed residential house with elite apartments is situated in downtown Yalta (Schors st., 500 m away from the Embankment st.), yet hidden from the vanity and noise of the resort behind the green zone.

The house is equipped with autonomous heating and water supply systems, individual air conditioning in the apartments, two-level underground parking lots. You can feast your eyes with the wonderful Crimean views opening from the numerous windows and balconies of the apartments. The panoramic windows of the mansard apartments will show you most picturesque views at the Yalta Bay or the Crimean mountains – you will feel yourself a bird flying over all. This is a place for the successful ones to live.

The cost of one square meter is USD 1500 to 3000 (discount included).

Equipment and infrastructure:

  • individual design solution
  • concierge
  • 24/7 guard
  • video monitoring
  • the building is surrounded by 3m-high walls
  • metalled doors
  • underground parking lots
  • water and electricity counters
  • all the pipes are PPR and laid in the floors;

Our sales managers will be delighted to provide you with more detailed information by phones: +380(652) 515 778, +380(50) 324 79 79 or by email: sales@sk-prof.com.ua

Citizens of any states may owe realty in Ukraine. Protection of the rights of foreign citizens who buy or owe realty in Ukraine is guaranteed by the international legal standards and the legal framework of Ukraine.

When the contract is signed, the cost of a square meter is documented. We offer interest-free installment until the house is built, the initial contribution is 30%.

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