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Lazurnyi Elite Resort Complex in Malyi Mayak Settlement

Lazurnyi Elite Resort Complex in Malyi Mayak Settlement

Lazurnyi Elite Resort Complex in Malyi Mayak Settlement For more details please call us on: +380(652)515 778, +380(50)324 79 79 or email us on: sale@sk-prof.com.ua

Apartments in Malyi Mayak Settlement starting form USD 60 000

Professional construction and development company is building Lazurnyi Elit – a unique resort complex. Lazurnyi Elit is in fact  a separate residential complex on the seashore between Alushta and Yalta (near Malyi Mayak settlement). The cottages and other buildings of the resort complex are situated on an enclosed and well-guarded territory. The complex includes such facilities as department store, restaurant and bars, swimming pools with sea water, yacht club and diving club, boat sheds, slip road for putting boats afloat.

The resort complex's own well-equipped beaches will allow you to enjoy the crystal-clean sea unpolluted by the activities of a permanent settlement. Clearest air, cicadas singing, endless blue sea, absence of noise and vanity of civilization, and comfortable conditions of the Lazurnyi Bereg resort complex – give a rise to a true heaven on the Crimean seashore.

Cottages for one or two owners are being constructed on the territory of the resort complex.

The cost of one square meter:

  • USD 2500 to 3000 (discount included)
  • non-residential – from USD 3500 (discount included)
  • 1st floor, 4th climatic pavilion – USD 3000
  • 1st level, 45 sq.m, no view – USD 2200 per 1  sq.m
  • 2nd, 3rd levels, 24 sq.m – 2500 per 1  sq.m
  • 2nd level, picturesque view, front garden – USD 3500 per 1  sq.m
  • 3rd level, 52 sq.m, picturesque view – USD 3200 per 1  sq.m
  • mansard with picturesque view – USD 3000 per 1  sq.m
  • mansard with no view – USD 2500 per 1  sq.m

Exclusive special offer for those who appreciate quality and comfort:

Purchase fully finished deluxe apartments for special price until December 31st, 2010.

The finishing includes:

  • walls – wallpapers to color
  • double-deck ceilings with spot lights or central illumination (chandelier) available
  • floors in rooms and balconies are faced with ceramic tiles
  • bathroom is faced with ceramic tiles
  • panoramic glazing with single-chamber glass units
  • metalled entrance doors
  • individual water and electricity counters
  • climate control
  • heat convector
  • bathroom facilities: shower cubicle, sink, tap, electric towel rail, feedout for possible connection of a washing machine (water, electricity), electric boiler for hot water supply
  • kitchen: feedouts for possible connection of water supply and sewerage, feedout for possible connection of electric cooking appliance
  • In 4th climatic pavilion cable TV will be provided in each apartment.

The construction of the 4th climatic pavilion is planned to be complete in December 2010.

Our sales managers will be delighted to provide you with more detailed information by phones: +380(652) 515 778, +380(50) 324 79 79 or by email: sale@sk-prof.com.ua

Citizens of any states may owe realty in Ukraine.
Protection of the rights of foreign citizens who buy or owe realty in Ukraine is guaranteed by the international legal standards and the legal framework of Ukraine.

When the contract is signed, the cost of a square meter is documented.

We offer interest-free installment until the house is built, the initial contribution is 30%.

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