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7-storeyed building complex in Yalta on the Volodarskiy st.

7-storeyed building complex in Yalta on the Volodarskiy st.

7-storeyed building complex in Yalta on the Volodarskiy st. For more details, please call us on: +380(652)515 778, +380(50)324 79 79 or email us on: sale@sk-prof.com.ua

A 7-storeyed building complex is located on the edge of the Primorskiy Park (Volodarskiy st., near Oreands Hotel). The building complex is equipped with elevators, heating and water supply systems, and are design in accordance with utmost modern technologies of world's leading construction companies.

The territory of the building complex will be guarded 24/7 and video monitored. The building complex is surrounded by the flourishing green of the Lebanon Cedars, Italian Pinetrees and Cypress. A picturesque view at Yalta, the sea and the slops of mt. Ai-Patri opens from the apartments' windows.

The construction is conducted according to the individual design, i.e. the inner planning or the apartment can be done regarding the customer's requests and demands.

The unique design and architectural solution of the new building includes: one room apartments with the total area of 54 to 71 sq.m; two-room apartments with the total area of 83 to 90 sq.m, luxurious three-room apartments with panoramic windows and with the total area of 92-103 sq.m. All the apartments are of improved planning: tall ceilings, spacious kitchens, lobbies, balconies.

The cost of one square meter is USD 2500 to 5000 (discount included)

Works on such improvements are being conducted in the building:

  • metalled doors of improved finishing;
  • the glazing is done with high-quality reinforced plastics and glass units;
  • the dual turbo boiler is installed for room- and water-heating purposes;
  • the complete heating system connected to the boiler, steel sinks with bottom connection are employed;
  • the water and sewerage interconnection layouts are fully finalized. All the pipes are of PPR and laid in the floors;
  • three counters are installed: for water, for gas, and for electricity;
  • phone, TV, and intercom connections are being brought to the lobbies of the apartments;

Our sales managers will be delighted to provide you with more detailed information by phones: +380(652) 515 778, +380(50) 324 79 79 or by email: sale@sk-prof.com.ua

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